“Starkville City Jail”

This shows the “Starkville City Jail,” as it’s known to Johnny Cash fans throughout the world in a photo taken by Skip Descant of the Columbus, Miss., Commercial Dispatch Newspaper. While Johnny nicknamed the place the “Starkville City Jail,” everybody in the area knows it as the Oktibbeha County Jail. Sheriff Dolph Bryan had the drunk-tank key used to lock Cash up for the night mounted on a plaque and displayed in his office. He recently donated the plaque to the Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum, where the key and other Cash/Starkville memorabilia are on display.

For years now, the “Johnny Cash Suite” has been retired. Now it’s used as a storage area, although people can still see the small dent from when Cash kicked the steel door during his stay. He broke his big toe that night.

You can see it for yourself at the Johnny Cash Flower Pickin Festival November 2, 3, and 4. See the news release further below.